Cute names to call a guy your dating

Whether the nickname is a popular nickname, something obscure, or even a made-up word, all of these suggestions are super cute so we are confident you will find something that you like…and he will eventually come around to adoring it too!

Angel: This is a very sweet nickname that will make him feel as special as he is!

Dear: This nickname is traditional and not too corny so he won’t mind if you call him this in public!

Darling: Your boyfriend is your darling, so this one speaks for itself!

(Also, you can call him by his name when you are mad at him and mean business – trust me, this strategy works perfectly! Here are some really cute nicknames to call your boyfriend that are simply adorable!

You can get his nickname engraved in a ring or a watch and gift it to him!

Cuddlebug: Cuddling is the best and no one does it like your boyfriend! Why not call your boyfriend a combination of the two things you like so much?

Cuddle Fish: There is a type of fish called a “cuttle fish.” This is a cute way to play with these words and personalize it to your boyfriend’s amazing cuddling skills!

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We have to admit, many of these nicknames are super corny!

Champ: Your guy is the champion of your heart so ‘champ’ fits him perfectly.

Chief: Your guy likes to know that you think of him as being a leader so he won’t mind if you call him this in public!

He wants to be thought of as a big strong guy so he will definitely approve of this nickname!

Bon-Bon: Bon Bons are delicious and so is your boyfriend!

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