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Of course, I don’t know that this was going to happen.The guy just comes into our room, either strips or the wife strips him, gets in bed with us and starts playing with her.Whether it's at one end of the scale or the other, there is always one constant – the guy is always bare.A recurring thought that turns me on recently is the thought of her with no protection at all with another guy.All she has on after she’s stripped is her sheer panties which are extremely wet from her lover(s) cum – soaked through.She asks me to touch them and I can feel how hot her pussy feels through them and how incredibly damp her panties feel. I don’t know why she loves me but the “not knowing” part makes me love her more.I don’t like the term cuckold or cuckolding but as a husband in this type of relationship, do I get a choice?

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Often, when I’m watching these videos online, I’ll be imagining my wife as the woman in the video having fun with the other guy and if that doesn’t tip me over the edge, then I will turn to our private collection, watch some of the footage that we have collected over the years and that never fails to make me cum in less than five minutes.

I love the thought and I also get turned on by seeing my wife with other men.

No pill, no condom, just raw, pure, natural, naked sex.

There is a syndrome which is referred to as “Sperm Competition Syndrome” which is suspected to date back to our ancestors of the ancient world.

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