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If you can’t find someone to do this for your event as a whole you could ask individual sponsors to double their bid if you reach a certain criterion, e.g.

finish a sporting challenge or reach a milestone amount.

Stories can truly connect your audience’s emotions to the cause you are fundraising for.

Without a face or story to represent your fundraising need, your donors won’t be able to envision or feel exactly how worthy your cause is.

Coming up with cool fundraising ideas that make an impact is not always easy.

Getting the audience to empathize with your cause can be a challenge. Let’s look first at some strategies to tackle the ever-changing world of fundraising events, then we will share some of the most effective event ideas out there.

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We take the mystery out of booking entertainment online by promoting only the acts we know and love and can personally guarantee.

Rather than a free bar, the sponsor agrees to match whatever was made in drinks and donate to a charity.

This is perfect, particularly if they are marketing with a custom cocktail so it is a win-win and also encourages drinking for a good cause!

Don’t forget about your digital attendees who may want to help raise funds but are unable to attend.

Making digital donations available by sharing links to a secure funding page on your event social media can help expand reach and makes fundraising more accessible.

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