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If it seemed hyperbolic when he was universally decreed the New Dylan before he was of legal drinking age, it's a title that Conor Oberst has grown into since he emerged as Bright Eyes in the mid '90s.Oberst made the Omaha scene as a young'un, performing on stage with gravely indie scrappers Cursive when he was a wee 13.In May 2018 Bridgers was featured on a remake of the Lord Huron song "The Night We Met" for the soundtrack to season 2 of the Netflix television series 13 Reasons Why.

The lyrics are generally social commentary on the state of affairs in America and the pitfalls of the suburban lifestyle, as opposed to the more introspective lyrics of Bright Eyes.

Julia Brokaw The precociously talented singer-songwriter recorded his first album at the age of With his band Bright Eyes, Oberst quickly built a reputation as a prolific, poetic songwriter and a spokesman for a generation of intense, angst-ridden teenagers and twentysomethings in the late '90s and s.

He was the ultimate emo icon, a floppy-fringed, wide-eyed troubadour with wordy, heart-on-sleeve lyrics and an impassioned, quivering vocal style.

He issued his debut cassette of tunes with his brother a year later, in 1994.

The tape was the first official release of Saddle Creek, the vehicle by which Oberst would release records for the majority of his career.

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