Cloud dating yuffie

However, as Cloud does not kill Sora, the results are not favorable for Hades; forcing him to summon Cerberus.The three-headed beast and guardian of the Underworld catches Cloud off-guard, pinning him to the ground.Cloud manages to locate Sephiroth in the Coliseum, and both express that they have been searching for each other.

WORLD OF FF Cloud WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY (2016)A Medal celebrating the collaboration with WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY.

At this point, Hercules comes to the rescue, defending the unconscious Cloud.

Sora then moves in to finish the battle, giving Hercules the chance to take Cloud to safety.

A fighter hired by Hades to compete in the Coliseum.

Despite his association with Hades, his heart remains untouched by the Heartless.

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