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The homosexual Greg Louganis tested in 1988, as positive for HIV due to abusive relationships, depression, lifestyle of a drinker and smoker at very young age.He worked a lot for Human Rights Campaign to defend civil liberties of LGBT community to aware people about HIV. He was a very outrageous fighter fought against HIV and tried to come back in 2006.A very popular personality having fame from The Original Arthur, Cabaret, and The Muppets take Manhattan – Liza Minnelli – is one of the famous celebs of Hollywood Industry facing STD Herpes.Her infectious status was claimed by her ex-husband, David Gest in court documents.A famous comedian, Robin Williams, loved equally all over the world is increasing the length of the list containing the names of Hollywood celebrities with Herpes.People came to know about his infection during an out-of-court settled trial by his ex-girlfriend, probably a cocktail waitress, who claimed to be infected by herpes as they had an intimate relationship before Robin announced his marriage. A distinctive Hollywood fashion trendier, film producer and songwriter of the industry has been infected with Herpes’ virus.Well this can also be a reason not taking precautions measures.

Cash Warren tried to cure Jessica Alba STD on a regular basis through Valtrex.

There are various forms of this virus but among all, Genital Herpes (commonly known as Herpes) is found the most.

This disease is common everywhere among the people belonging to different fields, but famous people with herpes are mostly celebrities who are suffering since long.

STD infected people must ensure safer s****l relationships and in order to encounter this virus, a correct and consistent protection must be used.

While having any s****l relationship, STD carriers must ensure their partners about their diseases that can be risky and dangerous for the partner as well.

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