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The condition frequently is comorbid with other disorders, including addiction and eating disorders.Symptoms of Complex PTSD, as in the case of PTSD, can exhibit differences in children and are often mistaken for learning disabilities or ADHD.Often this attempt at management of distress can develop into a whole other problem: addiction.Another common behavior of those with Complex PTSD is self-injury or self-harm.

Those with Complex PTSD also struggle with relationships, but this is a result of avoidant behavior and a feeling of disconnection or alienation from others.

By Sarah Fader Updated August 30, 2019 Reviewer Lauren Guilbeault Complex post-traumatic stress disorder (Complex PTSD) is a mental condition that results from ongoing or repetitive exposure to traumatizing, highly stressful situations.

Its signs and symptoms are varied and generally intense, and not unlike PTSD.

If the symptoms listed here sound like something you suffer from, it's important that you connect with a therapist.

A therapist can evaluate you and determine if you meet criteria to be diagnosed with Complex PTSD.

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