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More about his past relationship and girlfriend, Urie dated model girlfriend Audrey Kitching.Brendon stands a height of 5 feet 81⁄2 inches and his weight is around 68 kg. at the Disco” released their first studio album, “A Fever, You can’t Sweet Out” along with his band members; Dallon Weees, Kenneth Harris and Dan Pawlovich.Since then, the band has released over five studio albums.The secrets you keep can feel like they keep you safe inside from the world out there. Brendon raised alongside his four siblings; four brothers. Brendon and his wife Sarah Orzechowski dated for years before marriage.Talking about his early life, Brendon Urie has worked at a smoothie shop to pay for guitar class; during that time he met Brent Wilson and offered him to be a lead guitarist for ; providing back vocals. As of early 2019, Brendon Urie's net worth is reported to be around million. Since then, the couple is enjoying a blissful married life with no rumors of divorce and separation issues.It wasn't your fault such things happened to you, you were young and didn't understand it or why it happened in the first place?and no one taught you how to deal or maybe it all just got too much.

Brendon was raised Mormon and left his family and the lifestyle. Hearts: "A new band, a new city, a new lover – Ryan can dust himself off and start again, but the god-like status that his former band’s tragic end has given him isn’t as easy to shake off.

though there is also very real safety in knowing that the secrets you keep, keep you sick and to break free you must speak them to those who can help and be trusted.

The Heart Rate of a Mouse is an epic-length Ryan/Brendon AU set in the 1970s.

Audrey Kitching, based on Brendon's RL ex, is a groupie.

Elements of characters' backstories in the fic are reminiscent of real life.

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