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Aim: The aim was to provide data for GA estimation by ultrasonic measurement of fetal BPD.Materials and Methods: A total of 200 normal pregnant females were studied with the known last menstrual period in the southern part of Rajasthan.Accurate assessment of GA by sonography is of great importance in prenatal care during pregnancy because even in women with reliable dates, the error in GA calculation can occur.Therefore, prediction from ultrasound should be more accurate.BPD is one of the most commonly measured and accurate parameter in determining the age of the fetus up to 36 weeks.In wide variety of circumstances of feticide the fetal age determination is important for identification.

This study was carried out to measure BPD of the fetus in a total of 200 gravid females by using a grey scale real time Sonography Machine (Toshiba color Doppler Nemio XG) employing a 6-3 MHz convex transducer.Gravid women who fulfilled the following criteria were included in the study.Healthy females of the age between 18 and 35 years, with a singleton pregnancy and cephalic presentation. Women who did not develop maternal or fetal complications during pregnancies.Conclusion: Bi-parietal diameter is one of the useful criteria to measure GA and to predict expected date of delivery.Mean measurements of BPD in this study was found to be lower than that of western studies except Hadlock series, which compares well with this study.

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