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To my surprise, he e-mailed me and told me I could e-mail.

I did e-mail him, and we continued to e-mail for almost five months before we had another class together.

During that time, we asked each other numerous questions and told each other a lot (or what I thought was a lot) about each other – our likes, dislikes, opinions, etc. Eventually, we began to do non-academic things together. He came over and we (along with my younger sister) had a lot of fun.

When we finally had another class together, Jeremy asked if I could drive him home (he lived close to my house and it gave us more time to talk about things). Also, we went to see movies together, played in the park, etc.

At the end of the term, I gave him a Christmas card.Jeremy liked a lot of the same things I did, was getting a degree in the same thing I was and prioritized a lot of the same things I did. Although I continued to "fantasize" about our having a dating relationship, I never acted on these feelings and kept them to myself.Things changed when he transferred from a community college (where we had both been going) to a university, and I did not.I believe you suspect what I will say because you've already said it. If what you mean by "this" is falling for a nonbeliever, the way to prevent it from happening is to limit your contact with nonbelievers to purely platonic friendships. Repent to God for wilfully disobeying His Word and defying the testimony of your own spirit.That means no one-on-one outings – what casual observers would call dates. He is clear that as believers we are not to be unequally yoked.

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