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Julie growled with pleasure, the pummeling of the water made her clit throb and pulse as her orgasm spread through her, that blissful release spreading all through her body, ummm, there was nothing like it, Julie thought, as she drifted into the afterglow, her body tingling with contentment.

Chloe eased the door shut, looked like her sister was done, oh god, was she ever done, and Chloe quickly retreated downstairs.

The door to Chloe’s bedroom opened, and she saw her sister step into the hallway, totally naked, and start walking away from her towards the bathroom.

Julie’s breath caught, oh god, Chloe had grown up into a wildly sexy teen.

Julie was stunned, she’s my sister, and I’m getting turned on. It may be damn close to incest, but, she had to see it, or else she’d hate the fact that she missed it.

When the bathroom door closed, Julie crept forward.

Julie silently eased open the front door, she heard Chloe upstairs, and crept up.

At the top of the stairs, you had to turn right, a hallway went down to the bedrooms, and the bathroom, so she could peek from the top of the stairs, and see when Chloe went into the bathroom.

She drank it all in, her high, tight white ass, moving in a harmonious rhythm. But her body betrayed her, she could feel her juices start the churning, and she was powerless to resist.How in the hell were people supposed to do anything outside?If it wasn’t for air conditioning, this land would still belong to the Indians.Julie said, “I’m gonna head out in about 5 minutes, just need to dry myself off, then the house is yours.” She smiled to herself again as she saw Chloe get the green light.Five minutes later, she left the house and hopped into her Ford Mustang.

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