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To shake things up, we’ve rounded up our favorite date ideas to keep your romance burning as hot as a Honolulu winter day.

Here are some of the best dates you still go on in Honolulu and Oahu.

If you’re in Kahuku and don’t want to wait in the long lines for the shrimp trucks, head across the street to Kahuku Farms where the food and smoothies are so fresh you can see it grow on trees.

If you’ve got some extra time, hop in a wagon, and take a 30-minute tour though papayas and apple banana fields with a Papaya Power smoothie in tow, all included in the cost.

View event details It’s that time of the year again—time to stock up on andagi, andadog, okidog and more at the Okinawan Festival.

View event details Stop stressing about finding the perfect group activity for adults and sign up for a Honolulu scavenger hunt.

View event details This pet-friendly early evening hike begins at p.m.

and features ocean views of East Oahu spanning Hawai‘i Kai to Waimanalo.

Just because we’re on a tropical island doesn’t mean we can’t partake in a classic winter pastime -- like fumbling over your feet on a sheet of ice.

Take your scarves out of storage and cool down at Ice Palace, a skating rink where the temperature is a cool 58 degrees inside.

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