Begin dating here

He's not extraordinarily good looking, and he certainly isn't rich.

But Dave is the envy of his friends because in recent years he's managed to date a series of extremely attractive women.

Remember that you may need to make a few contact requests before you find someone you click with and also remember that you won’t know if there’s any chemistry or attraction until you meet up in person, so whilst it’s perfectly possible you may meet your match straight away, you might have to date a few people before you meet the one.

Women are bound to find a man who is passionate about what he does attractive.

If you’re really that busy then joining an internet dating site could be just the thing for you but you will have to find the time to go on the odd date here and there.

Dear Victoria, I’m a 38 year old arable farmer with 180 acre concern.

I inherited the farm being the eldest son and even though I would have preferred to choose a more artistic career I felt a sense of responsibility to take my new role seriously.

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