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At some point, mobile phone numbers are expected to become 11-digits long.

This is due to exceptional growth in demand for mobile phones in India.

However if the plan goes through, preliminary indications are that this change will be accomplished by adding an extra '9' to the start of all existing 10-digit mobile numbers.

As a result, after the change all mobile numbers will continue to start with a '9' and many will start with '99'.

For inbound international callers (and domestic long distance callers), all India phone numbers, both landline and mobile, are ultimately 10-digits long - but how you get those 10-digits isn't the same.

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Because I am looking for future life partner and friendship.As of this writing (Feb '10), details of this transition have not yet been finalized or announced - and there appears to be some disagreement among the players as to whether 11-digit numbers are necessary.Apparently the need may be negated (or at least delayed) by making some other changes to India's numbering scheme.I have shared my Indian Aunties Whatsapp Number for marriage and friendship.I need a special person, who can take care of me and my home.

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