Asp net updating database from dataset

The following line would declare a Data Adapter object: The above line demonstrates one of many constructors of Ole Db Adapter class.

This constructor takes a command object and a database connection object.

All you have to do is, create a connection to database using the code like this: The Data Set has been created but as we said before, this Data Set object can not directly interact with Database.

We need to create a Data Adapter object which would refer to the connection already created.

Everything is working properly except for when I update the data set. I have checked the Categories class and there is no method that looks remotely close to the Find By Category ID method. Thanks Hi, Can you verify if the Category ID is the primary column in your database table? One option is to set the primary column in the table and regenerate the dataset. Update(data Set11); The error I recieved was as follows: Invalid Operation Exception: Update requires a valid Update Command when passed Data Row collection with modified rows I was able to fix it by adding the following line before the Update command: System.

I am unable to call a 'find' method that the walkthrough claims should have been generated automatically: // Finds the row in the dataset table that matches the // one the user updated in the grid.

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Anyway I have to say that the learning curve is very steep.However, by using Command Builder Object, you don At have to create all the available commands.The update, Add and Delete commands are created automatically based on Select Command.As you know, there are frequent modifications in database tables in real life.These may include insertions, updates and deletions.

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