Asp code validating a form

Thanks Hi I\u0027m making a web page where the user can choose whether to search a database by either last name, customer number, data, order number or orders for shipping.

Thanks Hi I'm making a web page where the user can choose whether to search a database by either last name, customer number, data, order number or orders for shipping.

I'm sure that all the attributes of the controls makes sense by now, so I won't go into details about them. You should see something like this: If your browser supports Java Script, which most modern browers do, then you will notice that the page is not being posted back to the server - the validation is performed clientside! To see how it feels, you can add enableclientscript="false" to the Required Field Validator and try again.

Now you will see the browser posting back to the server, but the result will be the same - the validator still works!

Download and install the following packages: These files contains defintions for all cultures and their numbering formats.

The application will target the selected culture scripts to read numbering formats and apply it during client side validation.

Form(textbox.value)) = False Then ' an error *** error handling routine such as an error count and error message text **** Else ' is ok *** data base routine *** End If End If---------------------You can repeat the if routine for all, or use a select case routine (select case should be faster)Form handling lends itself to building a "functions" page where you can store multiple bits of code that you constantly reuse (such as testing for numeric, or removing the apostrophes and quote signs from text going to the database etc); so if you think that you will reuse something the time to save it in a seperate page and just call it.

As for the log in question: Use a session variable or cookie to track that a user has logged in and check it on any page where authentication is required for instance If Is Null(Request. Redirect(site Main Page.asp)End If Hope this helps PLEASE NOTE: Do not post advertisements, offensive materials, profanity, or personal attacks.

So if they try to go to the url of the page which shows the customer information without first going through the first main page then an error message pops up.Right now, the button does nothing, besides posting back if the page is valid.We will change this by adding an onclick event to it: As you will notice, we check whether or not the page is valid, before we do anything.All submitted content is subject to our Terms of Use.The Required Field Validator is actually very simple, and yet very useful.

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