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So we ultimately created Hero's Armory, where the everyday hero can stock up on anything they need to be legendary!

Ursa Furiosa has been absurdly overpowered in Pv P for months, providing functionally infinite supers if you can block even a little bit of damage, but it sounds like this change has finally reigned it in.

Its unique perk, Memento Mori, now provides five buffed bullets instead of six, but now you can refresh your Memento Mori rounds without needing to fire all of them.

This is a buff in my eyes, as it will make Memento Mori much more consistent.

This will bring the Ikelos shotgun in line with other shotties, and more importantly, it should open up Pv E weapon diversity.

To prepare for The Black Armory's release, new heavy machine gun medals and Triumphs, as well as tiered ranks, have been added to Crucible.

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