Are michelle mccool and the undertaker dating

However, both Mc Cool and 'Taker have ways of handling it.

"Nine times out of ten people will walk straight up to us, look at him the whole time, have a conversation, can't tell you how many times people have asked me to take a picture," Mc Cool exasperated.

"I handle it fine, but it's not the easiest thing to do. "I take pride in being his wife, I love him to death. I'm not just his shadow, I'm not just his sidekick, I can do a lot of things.

It's hard because I wouldn't personally treat someone like that.

I guess he took notice, I wasn't even into a long-haired, tattooed guy, that wasn't my thing."During a 2007 overseas tour, Mc Cool became very sick and ended being hospitalized stateside for 16 days.

Undertaker would call and check on her, he put his coat over her in the locker room while she was sick.

Which I’ve quickly learned that never goes away because now I’m just Undertaker’s wife. So, there were a ton of people that now found out I was dating Mark, ‘Oh, I better change my tune and be super nice.’ And ya know, I’m not that type, I’m gonna call you for it, because I haven’t changed. Like don’t treat me any different.” On how she handles being thought of as ‘The Undertaker’s wife’ rather than as her own person: “I handle it fine, but it’s not the most pleasant thing. Listen to “Michelle Mc Cool – Overcoming Family Pressure and Fighting For Opportunity” on Spreaker.The Undertaker is the longest tenured WWE Superstar since he celebrated 25 years in WWE at last year's Survivor Series and still remains a member of the WWE roster to this day.He was the holder of the longest undefeated streak at Wrestle Mania at 21 years, a record that started on The Undertaker's Birthday at Wrestle Mania VII.This would be the catalyst for their relationship, but pitfalls came with it."I can literally count on one and a half hands how many people in WWE treated me the same pre-Mark and post-Mark," said Mc Cool. There were a ton of people that found out I was dating Mark and was like, 'Oh, I better change my tune and be super nice.' I'm not that type, if it happens, I'm going to call you on it.' I haven't changed, I'm not acting any different so don't treat me any different."The Undertaker being so recognizable could be considered a burden to a significant other.

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