Anita nderu dating

FAITHFUL She added that when someone tells you they are faithful, you trust them, but sometimes people like her need evidence.“When you go to the DMs, you read and weigh them and see if you will answer, leave them or question why a fan is insisting on talking to him,” she said.By The mother of three said that she had to ask for his password in order to always know who is trying to come in between the two as she tries to deal with his stardom.Speaking to Citizen TV, she said that the singer, however, does not have her social media passwords.

To be told to wait for two and a half hours is really unfair on our side,” charged Ms Gakuo.

At the meeting, Mr Oparanya said the counties were struggling to pay salaries of their employees and might be shutdown next month.

He said all operations in all counties will be stopped on September 16, 2019.

BAHAT’I ARMS And it’s her past life of being the party socialite that led her into Bahati’s arms.

Their first encounter was when she appeared as a video vixen for the singer’s hit song “Mapenzi”, where she played the lead character alongside Bahati. She adds: “At that time I was dating, and that is when hell broke loose for me on my dating life.

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