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The daily Christian life of Anglican Americans today flows from the determination of a small group of churchfolk in rural Connecticut to bring about their shared vision against the odds of war and money, institutions and oceans. Marshall to enlighten them about the greatness next to which they hover.

The bees and butterflies of the Glebe House are insensible to the acts of sacramental moment that took place behind the windows past which they fly to collect their pollen and drink their nectar. Most of us who knelt in worship this morning are likewise insensible to the human toil that brought about the ecclesiastical and physical edifices in which our lives are brought in humility to the throne of grace.

You will date, meet, chat, and create relationships. We repaired on this long summer weekend to the Glebe House, the almost 300-year-old building in which the first episcopal election in the New World took place.It is a quiet house in a quiet town, enveloped since 1926 in a garden designed by the prolific English horticulturalist Gertrude Jekyll.The 1783 Glebe House meeting was thus a deliberate local effort to put Christian life in North America into a better order than it had heretofore known.Even after Seabury’s election, though, there were to be years of difficulty ahead.

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