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There’s no office view more incredible than that of Mount Fuji and Cape Town from up high, and the Moscow-Houston route even grants a chance of seeing the Aurora Borealis.

If your captain is in a good mood, you may even enter the cockpit for a panoramic view.

Secondly, you can be scheduled to fly for days, back-to-back.

So you have to be able to survive on barely 2 hours of sleep per night sometimes.

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When these names are listed on their roster, the more senior ones have no qualms about giving away good flights like London or Copenhagen, provided some dauntless soul out there is willing to take it up.

And dealing with the smell isn’t a favourable experience either when they puke 2 hours into a 7-hour flight.

Here’s a tidbit not many know of: if a passenger starts getting groggy from the alcohol, the crew will start diluting his/her drinks in the next few rounds they adamantly order, and even stagger them on purpose.

That’s just due to the sheer size of the company and how many staff there are.

You can, however, swap shifts with others and try to work on the same flights with friends.

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