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To be sure, one man's pragmatism is another man's perfidy.

Even so, Christ himself recognized the need to render unto Caesar: a convenient injunction for those who would seek a good living as well as good living. The present reviewer found himself recently at Sunday worship in St. "O Lord, save the Queen" had been erased from the order of service and in its place was written, quite without embarrassment, "O Lord, save our rulers" Somewhere in that humid outpost a new Vicar of Bray was memorizing Mao.

This practice is a breach of the church's own guideline," states a document with a list of complaints which Robertson said was compiled with the help of his lawyer.

Robertson told the Sunday Observer of anecdotal evidence of at least one member speaking of his discovery that the amount he submitted as tithes to the church was not the amount recorded."The regulation is that you should have two or three persons that check the tithes," he told the Sunday Observer.

The first was Parson Woodforde, the second the Vicar of Bray.

.50.) Of the two best-known English churchmen of the eighteenth century, one spent his days dizzy from port while the other (who needed a clearer head) was mostly dizzy from politics.

Contending that high-church clergymen did not simply acquiesce to government after the Hanoverian accession, as has often been claimed, Jeffrey Chamberlain explores the complex accommodation that was forged between the secular powers and the clergy.

Focusing on the county of Sussex, he finds that there was accommodation by both clergy and the Whig politicians: the former had to make peace with a new administration, but that administration's efforts to prove themselves "good churchmen" enabled the religious to come to terms with them without jettisoning their principles.

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Host pastor of the Bunker's Hill New Testament Church of God in Trelawny, Presley Smith will face the Falmouth Parish Court later this week, after he was arrested and charged on Friday with acts of sexual offences.

Allegations are that between January 2016 and January of this year, Smith, 27, a native of Kingston but who currently lives in this rural Trelawny community, committed a number of sexual offences against a 15-year-old male student who hails from the district and is now residing in Montego Bay, St James.

In the latest scenario, Robertson expressed extreme disappointment with the failure of Blair to properly hear his side of the story.

He argued that Blair has rushed to judgement without all the facts.

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